Depressive thinkings

well, i have 23y and i am virgin, never had a girlfriend and whatever.

the problem is, in the middle of the battle an thinking takes my head and aways says the same thing: "You will die alone, never had a girl you will never have, why fight? you will never use your penis and don’t need be scared of erectile dysfunction. just give this single pleasure in your life, you deserve.

How i can fight with this thinkings cursing my mind… and sometimes this thinking looks makes sense…


I thought that it’s only me like that, and that depression caused by something not pmo related.
But now I think it’s an illusion.
Yeah bro, it’s something like a low streak illusions.
Of course you may be right. I feel the very same.


First welcome to the community @alphan00b
Now coming to the topic on hand:

So what man? It’s completely normal, don’t feel this way BUT don’t stop working on yourself, be regular with workouts for physical growth, meditation and philosophical reading for mental growth, keep improving yourself, go get a good job and in just a matter of time any girl will feel lucky to be with you.

And if you don’t want to do anything like this try dating sites (if you are really desperate), try your luck, if it doesn’t work, again, improve yourself and try again.

And I think most of these feelings are being derived because of watching excessive porn and all, it changes your mind this way. Be serious with no fap, it will fade away with time.


Barney Stinson was 23 when he lost his virginity. Look how he turned out. One of the.most badass characters out there. He’s an inspiration to many like me. Keep your head held high no matter what



Well said

Most men are sexually deprived in society, 80% to be more specific. Those who reach the top 20% have access to the most beautiful partners and have a great life but this stage is only transient.

They fall back to the 80% because of lack of worth. To reach the top you need consistent high status as well.

Women are literally born with a high SMV, while men take to reach that peak only after 30s when they are financially stable.

I can say that for now we don’t have make sex a priority and just focus on our life goals and have some direction. When you get high status, you’ll automatically get the life you want. Most peers of mine and me are going to be virgins till the age of 30, that is marriage.


That’s how it should be :100:, at least until you settle yourself career wise, don’t even bother about sex.


Bruh, Ive added as u a companion. It’s been great talking to you for a while​:grin::+1:


Same here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
From whatever we’ve talked about I think we share similar mindset.
Plus we are almost at the same day streak wise :joy:


Interesting. What is an smv btw?

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SMV stands for Sexual Market Value, it’s basically the percentage of society who are willing to mate with you for bringing up a family.
I’m a medical student but I see this topic popping up in population management every now and then.


I have a question ; do you have a gym membership?
If your ready for change,feel free to reply.

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