Depressive feeling

Hey guys after reaching the 7th, 8th day i start to have depressive feelings. I have relapsed 2-3 times due to these feelings. Is it normal to have these feelings in this process? Is it just a phase? I do go to Gym regularly but i still face this feeling.


It’s normal …but you should do meditation with exercise…because gym is for physical balance… meditation is for mental balance…


Okay. Sure. I also got to know the reason. Masturbation gives the short term dopamine release which is the same hormone which produces happiness. So interrupting that habit surely can make someone depressed in the intial few days.

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Man, the reason is simple.

When you masturbate, your brain gets used to the usual dopamine. It’s like when you get used to go to sleep at 10pm everyday (just an example), and if you start to go to sleep 2h later than the usual, your body will get very tired, because you’re used to the routine.
So, when you stopped PMO your body, that was used to the dopamine, felt “tired” and now it’s sending you messages that it needs dopamine again.

That’s the point of “rewire”. You need to train your body to not get used to the short term dopamine. Try reading a book, or watching movies, or better, watch some comedy and laugh a lot.

Don’t give up, you’ll overcome this.

Best of luck.

Ps.: I know the example was horrible, but keep up!