Depressed, cant get out of the cycle

Im writing this post due to my frustration after relapse… Dont mind. I dont understand whats wrong and where am i going wrong. Its not like i am trying nofap from this year only. I have been trying nofap since 2018 . but im so weak that i would lose everytime. After relapse i get many weird symptoms. I feel like im aimless . i cant do anything in my future. The only thing i do is waste my whole day . i am trying so hard but still im losing. MY COMPANIONS are also helping me so much but im so frikin fucked up that i lose everytime. 2 months ago i was trapped on 11 days cycle and now im trapped on 15 days cycle which really sucks. TIME is flying away from my hands. Board exams are near . I am feeling worthless and useless. Whats just wrong with my mind. I cried literally this time. I was confiedent that i will cross day 30 this time. But i cant… Again i have to suffer . again i have to start. Im just tired. Still there is a place in my mind which is bringing me out of this. Constantly telling me stop it…
And i stopped watcjing porn. I hate porn. I relapsed but did not watched porn.
At the end , anyone tell me where am i going wrong. . just where. I wanna freakin end this habbit


Me too brother.
Not for PMO, but right now I’m in a vicious cycle of procrastination. Very bad. Can barely do work and have to force myself to do things.

Does anyone have tips on how to improve self-control? Becuase that is my big problem.
@Tagore @_TIGER @strongwillpower @Martial_Beast @SelfMadeNinja @adulrakha anyone?


First of all congrats for this👇

As you mentioned you are in that loop. Main reason behind it is counting and afraiding of the specific days, just forgot about the counter to remind you how successful you are, its just for beginners and noobs. If possible just uninstall this app and use the forum alone though browser. Clearly your mind and plant it with positive thoughts, meditate whenever you want its a greatest tool for overcoming anything use it well and improve yourself :v:


Being in loop myself, I feel that. However I realized one thing. You need to be patient. This isn’t gonna happen in an instant. More you get out of your comfort zone, stronger your prefrontal cortex becomes after a while. So just know the importance of patience. That’s all I can tell rn. Peace


First of all brother… these cycles… who decides this?? Its your brain playing with you… he says you idiot… you can’t go beyond 15 days… you don’t have that power… hahaha… you are nothinggg… i am superior…

It’s right time to prove brain wrong… trust me… this time… you just cross 15 days… and hit the 16 day mark… you will feel like not stopping…

The feeling will be like… OMG… i did it… i proved my brain wrong… its time to set best limits now… there is no stopping now… (this happened with me…)

Whether you are on NoFap or you are not on NoFap… if you wanna achieve something… you have to make efforts…
do you think that following NoFap till your board exams will make you pass the exam… will this happen?? No right!! It will be the efforts that you have make now… or never…
Also don’t think that people fail in their exams because they didn’t follow NoFap… its the efforts that we have to put in… in our studies…(in a class of 50 boys… 45 of them are fappers and 1 or 2 are NoFappers… so does all the 45 fail??
Nofap is our realisation from staying away from the bad thing…

You have to put in efforts brother… you have to seriously study hard from now on…

Remember one thing… if we study good…then only there is everything good in our life… otherwise this world will not give a shit about our existence (padhaai he toh sab kuch he… warna duniya puchegi bhi nahi bhai apneko…)

Suffer the pain now… go through it… its like punishment… and we fappers deserve it after when we relapse… Suffer the pain!!! It will make you stronger… it will make you fight back…

You already have the right mindset… now start doing research about things like disadvantages of fapping and etc things… make yourself to hate masturbation.


I dont know about others, but my case is different. Whenever i relapse i cant think clearly for some days. I have some odd symptoms after masturbation. These all started after my liver disease (jaundice) i got in 2018. And main reason behind that was pmo.
I want to score very good marks. But i dont have a definite goal which is im searching for

Also im making stupid excuses now. I know it is always my fault. If i keep making excuses i will never learn.
I will just forgive myself.


Don’t be too hard on yourself.
You may have relapsed, but you are brave to stand again.
Look on the other side, compare how many times did you relapse this month vs. previous month or the month earlier? You’ll see if the number of your relapses decreased per month, then you’re still on track. You are slowly getting there.


Bro… I feel breaking porn is a habit. It is not one day job. It is everyday you are not fapping.

So, what I did was , I took a single task that I know I can repeat everyday.For example like brushing teeth regularly for 90 days. Create a habit of regularity.

Another thing I would like to add is

  1. Take one day at a time
  2. Repeat Step 1

Write what you love and what you want to become.

Repeat everyday for 90 days. It will become your habit.


Yeah you are right… Thats a small achievement for me. Thanks for reminding me about this!


I will come back on track!
I will appreceate this!


Brother… remember this…

First a small type of example for realization…

:- when you are planning to go out… what do you do?? You ask yourself some questions right??

  • what am i going to do there.
  • what all things i need to carry.
  • why am i going to this trip.
  • why have i choose this specific location.
  • in case of emergency, what will i do.

After doing all this… you finally have a well managed trip… with less amount of problems to deal with later in the trip…

(This is just a comparison about how should we use daily life things to beat our addiction)

Now here, procastination, and it will also apply for PMO.

What do you need to do?? Just ask yourself…


  • why i have to do this?
  • what benefits will i get after doing this?
  • what problems will be caused it I don’t do it?
  • is this going to make me happy in later life?
  • will i get satisfaction after completing it?
  • what makes me procastinate it?
  • was i given birth so that i can procastinate it? (Whichever task you are doing)
  • etc. Make questions that pushes you to do it…

2.PMO (especially when urges hit)

  • why do i have to do this?
  • will this give me satisfaction?
  • if this will give me satisfaction then why i didn’t got the satisfaction when i last fapped.? Why did i choose to NoFap then?
  • did my parents gave birth to me so that i can fapp??
  • did my parents spend money on the phone/laptop/pc so that i can use it for Porn?
  • for the MO only guys… did my parents built this house so that i can secretly and comfortablly fapp?
  • what all purposes did i found after my self realisation after last relapse?
  • etc.

(It is not just theory or online lectures brother. I am using this in my life right now. Its the experience speaking. I am implementing it im my life. Im on my personal best of 54 days now. This is the life i once wish living for… a life with more that 30 days… i decided it. I did it… and this time i could do it because of the questions i ask myself in tough times that i mentioned above)


Yes! The process may be slow, but the important thing is we’re still on the road to achieve what we desire.
We’ve got this bro!


Bro, I didnt get jaundice and have the same symptoms after faping.

Some smart people says that “human has to suffer enough to change something”. I think that from our misery we can learn a lot.

Anyway your streaks are greater. You did 10 days few times, now its like 15. Its progress.

I think you should meditate and plan your day regularly. Not allow yourself to be bored.


Can you please describe me(here or on personal message) how did PMO got you the Disease Jaundice. ?

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Bro wanna be with me?
Let’s take it out together.
You try to control your fap
I will control my YouTube
It will another form of fapping to me now
If I watch a useless video(I do have to watch some educational videos), I’ll call it a relapse. Okay?
You’ll call your relapse
I will not watch the videos at all.


U know when I read this :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:, I instantly thought of myself,everything that u said specially abt confusion,failure after failure every time and feeling useless,regret…etc I could go on but u know after trying everything u start to think maybe its time to give up,maybe its time to make PMO part of my lifestyle u know instead of being stuck at middle between trying to get out of the addiction and getting hurt when u fail maybe I should just give up. That is the exact thought I had when I decided to give up but the next day I couldn’t move one muscle in my entire body, it felt as if there was smth inside of me more powerful, smth I can’t explain. So I started fighting again, at the same time I still kept on failing but after a while I started realizing smth all of my failures, from the beginning of my journey to up until now they were trying to teach me smth, and that lesson was ’ u can keep failing and failing until u die if u want but one thing is certain the only way this journey is going to end is either u win or u die. So at the end of the day my failures had meaning probably the biggest inspiring thing that I have learned, they thought me that whatever happens if I relapsed today the next day I am obligated to fight because there is smth much bigger in me. If I were u I would ask the question ’ If i wanted to stop fighting and adapt PMO would I live with myself ?. See u need those reasons and deep reasoning to why u started and what ur journy means to u, even failure have meaning, the most meaning im fact. The only way ur going to beat ur brain is through logic and reasoning


I have some tips tools to help you Brother , my High streak is 1596 days (2014-2018) , currently I’m 38 days , I in nofap since 2014 . Here the tools who help me:


Here are the Tools:


Guarding yourself of triggers is essential for get away from Pmo addiction and not just for 90 days, but for the rest of your life, for this the following measures must be adopted:


At least 50 percent of falls I hear in social media come from instagram
even if the person doesn’t follow any instagram model, Instagram puts them without you asking for these models on your screen, it happened to me on social networks and I know it must have happened to you too

Beware of netflix, opt for other streaming services that have fewer triggers, netflix is ​​champion in triggers!
By the way , I recommend you exclude netflix and anothers movies and series with heavy triggers forever

Watch out for some news sites, know where you step, yes have serious sites of news without triggers

And on the street don’t look at women who are dressed provocatively, as this will lead you to fall hours later (as it enters your mind through your eyes and your brain will use it against you later), look away you don’t have to look for none of these triggers

So the principle of Guarding Your Eyes is when you see a trigger anywhere, whether in real or virtual life, immediately dodge the trigger and focus on details around you, breathe 10 seconds, hold the air for 10 seconds and release in 10 seconds do as many times as necessary, if it doesn’t help, take a cold shower to get you back to normal, know that this will pass, this pain is temporary and happens to everyone, especially at the beginning of the reboot, see this as a beneficial pain from surgery taking a tumor (in this case addiction)

Know that guarding your eyes is like exercising your muscles, as time goes by it becomes a habit and that with time ends up being part of you, if it is not true how you explain possible I stay for years without PMO?


It is essential to get out of addiction to put fences, and one of these fences are blockers, and there are countless ones in the app stores with prominence for Blockerx, BullDog Blocker, Safe Surfer, Pure Web and Clean Browsing (the latter does not have in the app store, only on the official Cleanbrowsing website, free of charge).
Blockers are to prevent involuntary triggers, such as those that appear when you are doing a search for work or school on google images and the triggers appear and also to block the cell phone in case you want to see it, you can also configure it for this by going to password for someone
Blockers also help against triggers on google and youtube, as some of them automatically put youtube and google in restricted mode


This thing is very direct. I don’t think I have to explain.


In order to achieve your goal, you need to understand what causes you to relapse. So, for many they are instagram, whatsapp group, without relationship, without purpose in life, boredom, these are the biggest reasons for falling.

Pay attention to what can generate boredom in you, some examples that can generate boredom are: not having contact with people, that is, not socializing, spending a lot of time on the internet aimlessly browsing haphazardly, whether marathoning series or playing, these things do not fill and generate a lot of boredom, so they should be used with balance in descending moments, I repeat again BALANCE

  1. BE BUSY

Always be busy with constructive things, work, study, build or renovate something, it is something good for the Brain and for your well being and it really fills you up


Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals, goals for life, just have goals for your brain to automatically process your ability to achieve it.
And to help you with that I recommend the counting app called Quitzilla.


This will help you to resist these urges, sexual thoughts and give you the power to focus and concentrate.


When the urge arises, go to the shower and take a cold shower.
Cold shower refresh the soul and kill the urges!
Cold shower is to the Mental health and to the whole body very beneficial .Look here:


Donate to charity, do volunteer work, forgive whoever has to forgive, fight for justice in your country, bring light to this world, KNOW that you can make difference ! KNOW that each one of you is special!
Donate sites that fight against Pmo like Rewire companion and others similar sites according to your conditions.

Somehow do good always.

If you want to go further, You can fight for Justice in your country, proposing laws as a citizen to criminalize the production and distribution of pornography, if you have the influence and conditions to do!Do It! Fight for a better world! Be an instrument of God and God will bless your life a lot! Fighting with you in your struggles and Freeing you from the addiction of pornography.


Of all that , I said for you : The foundation of everything is to take refuge in God, no matter religion or non-religion, know that there is something that is above you and that is part of your Essence, it is that inner Voice, of Encouragement that gives you strength in darkest hours and that always calls us, no matter how dark we find ourselves, this Voice is from our Source that calls us and fights this War together with us, without your help and without applying the tools above I would never be able to be free

I hope that the tips above can help you just as it helped me, I want to remind you that the 90 days are just the beginning of the reboot is not the end, so the importance of always having goals, even when completing 1 year, 2, 3 is not the Finally, never accommodate never ! When you reach 90 days, 180 days, 1 year, etc. etc.
The rule of Guarding Your Eyes is eternal and NEVER accommodating ,
because nobody becomes invincible after 90 days, you get stronger and stronger, but if you falter and do not guarding your eyes and live a life without goals sooner or later, you will fall.
If you fall, remember of never go back to square one, do not let a block dismantle the building you have built!
And after you rise up help others rise up too!

Come on! Let’s do It ! Let’s destroy this addiction and the Evil Empire of Pornography!



Im ready for it now!

I just cant believe you guys are so supportive!
You guys literally saved me from getting to chaser effect! I thank you all from my bottom of my heart!


That’s the whole point man
Apes together strong🤣
Btw that’s true, company is stronger than willpower


Wow dude! I imagine myself there