Deletion of account in app and forum

Hi @Taher, I would like to delete my account. Coming by soon just need to change some things. Btw, would be great a way of blocking your followers to keep knowing of you.
Thank you in advance, see yo soon.

Your account will be deleted within 48 hours. See ya soon :slight_smile:

Please delete my account. Im not in proper mental health. In future, when i will be feeling fine , i will make a new account

Both the accounts app and forum

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Hey @anon63822457
Feeling very bad as you are leaving us all

You helped me a lot in past. Stay strong bro.

See you soon again

Thanks Conan Darkknight for your help.
Bye !!!


I liked your post because

Which means you still HAVEN’T GIVEN UP.


Please, delete my account, i need very. thank you for to help.
Sorry for english i’m brazilian.

@Taher I’m no longer interested in having this forum but also nf account. Your app definitely helped me a lot but I won’t probably have the time to use this app anymore. I wish you and all the people from the forum good luck in their future goals and projects.

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Bro if you want some time alone, just uninstall this app for some weeks/months, but please don’t try to get your account deleted permanently…

I don’t wanna lose a good companion like you!


@anon98741803 go to the preferences then Email option and disable everything and then uninstall this app. You won’t be disturbed by posts or tags.

When you feel good. Please come back brother.

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Yeah bro @anon98741803 just go to notifs and disable them. Don’t want to lose a companion like you ( no offense, but whenever I see your profile, my brain automatically goes- " Bro he cleared KVPY" and this motivates me :sweat_smile: )
I also used to feel like I spent too much time on this app, but then I used 3 steps to regulate it.
It is important to note that all 3 steps required discipline.

  1. I don’t use rewire companion on computer, only on my phone, to save time
  2. Android has a setting called digital wellbeing and iOS has screen time.
    Here I set the screen time limit to 30 mins daily at max…and now I rarely even go near 30 min :sweat_smile:
  3. I only use RC or YouTube, etc. after 8.15, after all my classes are over( a from of digital detox)
    Now I feel that my time is well spent.
    Also sorry to guys if I don’t instantly reply, because I’m timing how long I use this app