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Hey everyone!

I understand that this is not the most common issue caused by PMO, but that’s the main problem I have: I’m unable to orgasm inside a girl.
I started fapping many years b4 having sex. And I used PMO a lot, several times a day.
First times I had sex, I felt nothing physically.

I am on a 34 days streak now, and, though I’m on hard mode, I’m still not confident enough to actually have sex.

Anyone got this same problem? Any results so far with no Fap? Is it possible to be cured and have sex feeling what a man should feel?
I can’t find many resources on this topic.


Go for the fuck… you would cum without a doubt.


I don’t know if anyone will be interested by this, since it isn’t a common issue.
But i found a way to increase penis sensitivity that is supported by several studies, and I did it myself and I’m getting nice results.

It may look like it but it is not about masturbation, and, according to studies, it has shown nice results to over 70% of the cases.

I tested and so far the results are very nice.

I know what it’s like.

I’m starting NoFap and have the same problem.

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It is rare and hard for most ppl to understand… And there’s so little useful information online.


Yes, unfortunately so.

I’ve read a lot about it.
Death grip, too frequent masturbation, unrealistic expectations of sex/the girl’s body, uncertainty about yourself/your body could all be causes. (I’m assuming here that you’re able to orgasm during masturbation).

If you want, you can private message me, as I don’t want to discuss too much on a forum.

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