Dealing with issues

Just deleted my Instagram app and facebook app because my friends who used to be my competitors in no fap streak are sending me models and other content of soft porn.
This shit is getting over my head now
Now I will have to focus on my exams and streak only.
You should also delete these creepy apps
Have a nice streak.
One day we will be free from this addiction. :heart::+1::fire:


You got a weird friend circle bro… Stay away from the ones that can make u relapse. You came so far, now is not the time for these… Its good u deleted :+1::+1:


Why are your “mates” behaving that way with you? Anyways bro, social media is the biggest curse for a person anyways. It corrupts people, disintegrates society, promotes immorality and promiscuity, mobilizes terrorism and more importantly separates people from each other. I have deleted my facebook back in 2018, the only social media I used to have. Yes I have telegram but thats only for study materials.

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