Deaddicting the addiction

Hey guys.
I’ve brought some information for you .
Why do many websites claim that masturbation is a healthy process ?
Why doesn’t any premier health institution talk about this?
Ans. Porn websites nowadays have become a very convenient source of attaining sexual stability. Students mostly get attracted to it . They explore these sites and see those dirty graphics and do masturbation. I think virtually 60% of graphics available on the internet are adult contents. Out of 100 only 30% resources are useful for us in terms of education , medical , daily news and spirituality.
I’ll not beat around the bush anymore now. Some websites on the internet openly insinuate that masturbation is a healthy process . Who are these people ? What’s the scientific theory justifying their information? Why do claim their information is scientifically proven ?
This is because they’ve to give you an assurance that science has approved this. And people fall for those fake scientific facts. No any scientific organization claims that it’s a completely healthy process . If it was so then dark side of the process would be less than bright side . Many people complain about masturbation that it’s causing me this and that and yada yada yada . But a few or virtually no people claim that they’ve gotta good result which favours their health .
People complain that
1.They feel weakness.
2.They feel a blank and weak mind .
3.They feel pain.
4.They suffer excess wet dreams.
5.They ain’t able to focus on thier goals.
6.They neglect their responsibilities and obligations.
7.They feel depressed.
8.They can’t talk to girls.
9.They don’t sleep without masturbation.
10.They acquire URT (Urinary Tract Infection).
But I ain’t seen any person claiming that they’ve got stability regarding their health .
In reality these websites are paid some bucks by porn website owners .So, the websites insinuating masturbation is healthy do thier best to hypnotise/distract/misguide/brainwash innocent people and get them hooked to masturbation by giving assurance of certain scientific (made up) theories.
So , finally I’ll say that masturbation ain’t good and science itself is uncertain about this process and study is still going on . So if someone tells you next time that it’s healthy then tell him “get the fuck out of here”.

Script by Ri shu ( exhausted).
Thanks for reading.


I agree with you. Porn is a plague on humanity.
After my lifelong PMO addiction, I am now completely convinced that masturbation is bad, that porn is dangerous, and the only healthy way to deal with your sexuality is with a loving partner.

Best of luck to all of warriors who recognize a personal problem and are fighting it! =)


This is why the productivity of youth is decreasing and the rape cases are increasing day by day .
I think we all should gather against the porn empire…

I believe when websites claim masterbation is healthy they aren’t thinking of the excess. Masturbation well regulated, at least in females, is good for the body. It allows the body to be stretched and more relaxed for intercourse, this is of course not meaning endless masterbation. But a regular once to twice a week can be good especially for a female’s first time to reduce the amount of pain to light if any. Similar to how guys will have wet dreams to release build up as best as I can describe it.

Though in my case the usage of it went from just regulating to excess from boredom and that is where the problem lies.

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