Days where you feel absolute shit (Flatline)

Hopefully this becomes a thread for all of us who have been facing flatlines and can discuss our situations and help each other out.

Flatlines occur as a result of your brain going through rewiring and re adjusting your chemical balances in your brains. These times can be really frustrating as they hit your mood or libido hard. But in reality, this is the sign of positivity that your brain has begun to rewire itself.

I’m on Day 44, the first flatline i had was in the first week of streak (7 days) which was dead libido, second flatline has been from Day 24 till Day 36 which was a mild one with strong urges and today i’ve seen myself hit with a flatline which has gotten me all cranky, full of anxiety like i was during PMO days with no libido.


Yeahh kind of similar to me today. No urges. But I just don’t have energy and can’t concentrate on my wjob. Makes me so stressed. Which then leads me to lose my guard and thoughts of PMO creeping to my mind. I also began to look at ladies on the streets which I always try to avoid.

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Thank you for your sharing brother. Could you please share your tips to overcome urge during your day 24 until day 36?

I overcame the first 30 days because I was fasting (Holy month of Ramazan), and fasting is really effective in this. And now when my urges get stronger, i think about how many days and time it took me to get to this point, so i feel like i just can’t lay this opportunity to this waste or else i am forever doomed in this PMO.

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Flatline is basically the main thing that brings challenge to your physical brain chemicals, that is the period where one has to be most resisting.

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