Day three.... LETS GO

My penis has legitimately hurt from masturbating so much. Not like 8 times a day or anything but just like twice in one day sometimes.

I am trying so much to get control over myself.It’s such a defiling act and I hate doing it. I want the next orgasm I feel to be from my wife :frowning:

It’s so hard trying to do hard mode.

I am planning on getting married either next year or early the year after. So at least there is that I have to look forward to and help motivate me to quit forever. I don’t want to go into marriage a masturbator.

I would whack-off, my wife would be like “Baby, pleasure me!” then I would have to be like “Well, you see… I… just masturbated…”
How embarrassing!

NO MORE MASTURBATION!!! Its not my friend, it’s my enemy!!


I see myself into you.
Let me share my story related to this. 6 months before my marriage i found nofap & the truth. The truth that the cause of all my problems was fapping. 6 months is a long time to try quit this shit but unfortunately my longest streak never gone beyond 30. I dont know whether it was the strength of this addiction that crushed my 11 precious years of life OR was it me being a weak soul.

On day of my marriage my streak was 14 days and i was sweating like a pig there but i managed my nerves somehow there. Later on i developed sex addiction. So it was going all wrong for me… finaly after my daughter is born this year… some luck has came to me. Now i am on a streak of 21 days on hard mode. Feeling good about it. With god grace i am back on track.


Definitely share your decision to nofap to your soon to be wife (if you haven’t told her already) It’s such a benefit to have someone you love on your side and helping each other. Because you are going to dark places my friend and it won’t be pretty. You need someones attention, care and love. Otherwise it’s destined to fail at some point.

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I already have :slight_smile: we are both in it together. I haven’t watched porn since I started dating her. She, from my understanding, has never watched porn. We both are trying to quit masturbating though. Its been rough for us because we both think the other one is so freaking sexy, but we want to be able to preserve ourselves and make our wedding night the first time we have sexual relations so we’re doing it!

That’s amazing bro!!

So you developed a sex addiction with your wife, how did you fall into it and how did you fix that? I have a feeling my girlfriend and I may be susceptible to both falling into sex addiction after marriage and I want to prevent it.

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Falling into addiction is easy but fixing is very hard.
The last time we had sex was When my wife had a 5 months pregnany. After that i fallen in fapping with which i never had setteled. So now, my wife is ready to give me 3 or 4 years of celibacy but she wants a Better me. And i must stand on her trust & prove myself a worthy husband.


3 no 4 years of celibacy… That would be very hard for me, especially if we get changed together in the same room.

Wish you the best man. I hope you and your wife continue connecting in other ways, and once your both ready, I hope you connect very closely and intimately in bed.

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I want to control my orgasm during sex is there anyone who has same experience like that for 30 days please share… Because due to sex in my marriage life I am not retaining my semen.