Day first change life style

Day first peope give me advice and support


Fasting and prayer
Cold showers
Acquire a new skillset
Recommend reading Think and grow Rich by Napoleon Hill(not an easy read but worth it once fully applied)

DO no fall into COMPARISON TRAP!!!

I love you but I can’t learn it for you.

best of luck bro. its my day 1 again after relapsing. i reached 7-8 days many times. bt hv to go much beyond

Hey guys welcome and good luck.

Well, like @Lefty101 said don’t fall in the comparison trap, but yeah it ain’t working as he is suggesting what he is doing and it might not work for you. So that comparison ain’t gonna work either. No offence sure there are things you have to learn for yourself, but you have to start YOUR journey with YOUR rules and apply some basics which alot of guys share.

Most importantly it is your journey and you know yourself and you have to apply what you know about yourself to beat this. We can merely guide you as you obviously have to fight most of the battles by beating the urges your way. It is your journey, your rules and you have to make it easy and fun to follow otherwise you are gonna get stuck.

Importantly you have to commit with a full change in mindset. Start off with this, don’t say " Today is the last day I’ll do it and I will start commiting tomorrow to it". 1st off tomorrow might not be there and 2nd your tomorrow to start might never come as you will keep on postponing it to the next day.

The other thing is don’t stress to much on your counter. Sure have a goal in mind, but be realistic keep it small and ignore your counter. Say you wanna do a 100 days. It is good but if you keep looking at your counter constantly your mindset might change at day 7 for example and then you will be into all negativity and you will hate the rest of your journey as your mind might say “ahh today is merely day 7 and how is day 100 gonna feel like if it is this hard.”

If you relapse try your absolute hardest to do it 2 or 3 times the same day as "binge relapsing " is hard to come off.

The basics:

  1. If you have watched porn on any form, be it photo’s, videos, magazines or audio clips. Delete destroy and avoid it entirely. Don’t downgrade and try downgrading it later again and the quit it. No quit from day 1 you start nofap entirely.

  2. Avoid electronic devices in the bedroom at night or places where you watched porn before for example the bathroom. And avoid use when horney.

  3. Don’t touch your d*ck excessively. When you feel the urge(horney) apply the next thought. No touch, no thought and no eye contact. By not touching, not thinking about it and not seeing porn or your boner it will be easier to avoid relapse.

  4. Like I said have fun. Check out challenges on the forum or create your own in what interests you. To help you in your no thought way of thinking. Paint, exercise etc.

Hope this helps. Stay strong and awesome