Day by Day journal

I am mamber of no fap for almost a year. In that period of time I have seen on myself and read in the posts of other companions how big our addiction is. I see how it ruins lives, ruines marriages (causes ED), and even more negative sides. This is addiction as strong as drug addiction. It is progressive over the years and it goes deeper and deeper in darknes of human imagionation. What turns you on today, it won’t turn you on in the next few years.

Dear companions, I can give you advice, do not watch that content, and most important of all, do not watch women on social media. You better look down in the streets. Every peek you make, every look and every touch will crawl into your mind and it is going to build up your sex drive. If you need to look, look at your wives and girlfriends with passion. Do not bring into your lives women that you can have, by that I mean virtual ones, or somene elses wifes that are bound in marriage. Trust me, looking has a snowball effect that builds up avalanche.

Nothing good comes from pmo and trust me, there is no single benefit. PMO is socially acceped trend that has devastating results and it is not tottaly scientifically researched. Thing that are researched show negative results on human body.

I have addiction. After many months I am brave enought to addmit that to myself. Only one I have to come to in my problem is my God. Struggle is to hard, I need to be stronger. My anxiaty and depression are strong, dark toughts and negativity are results after every relaps and they build up.

My record is 45 days, and I can’t describe to you how many benefits I felt in that time. After that one slip, I have stumbled into the darkness and never reached as long as 10 days.

I hope i will find support and people to share my journal with , and get some usefull advice.

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