Day 9 but had an incident with gf

Do I need to reset if I had an incident and org with my gf but no p or m? What do you guys think? Did I screw up my progress?

That completely depends on what your rules are and how you feel about it.
Do you feel like you relapsed? Do you feel bad about the org and wish you haven’t had it?
Then yes. Otherwise no.

(if you wanna hear my personal opinion → I wouldn’t feel bad so it wouldn’t be a relapse for me)
second PS: progress is never completely screwed up :wink:

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No… keep going. And fix this!

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I guess I don’t know how to keep good rules or how to set them. I’ve never had a problem with fooling around with my fiancée before so I don’t really know if I should or shouldn’t. Religiously I know how I feel, but I guess the real question is, does this incident reset my brain to have to need it again? Does that make sense? Physio logically will I have to reset my withdrawal period?

Man, dont worry about that. Just, keep going. Forget that. It doesn’t matter. Just let it go.


As Jvictorhq says, I (currently) think that we maybe think too much about “Did I something wrong”, “Which things are bad”, “How can I punish my self for relapsing” and so on. It’s hard to break a habit if we think about it the whole time

I just now realize how negative most topics (including many of mine) are. Most of them are about what we shouldn’t do and how we can force our self to not do things instead of what do I wanna do.

:sweat_smile: Sorry for making this like my diary. The thought just popped into my mind :see_no_evil:

If you had completed your Reboot successfuly. You can have sex with your girl. You will figure out yourself what is best for you.
If you ask me ejaculation more than twice a month makes you a dead bitch.
If possible do semen retention. It is best.
Reboot has to be clean and purest that includes no sex.