Let me take you back I’ll say about couple months ago… So im 15 BTW. So one day I went to the mall with my family we walked around and stuff and went into this sports store called “Dicks” for all the American people y’all know what I’m talking about. But anyways I walked in there and I kid you not as soon as I get in the store I look to my left and I see this older girl she’s like 17-18 years old and when I look at her see her waving at me. When I first saw her wave at me I didn’t think it was meant for me, I was like 15 yards away from her and she was just looking in my direction and waving and she said “hey friend”… Mind you I NEVER seen this girl ever in my life.So I wasn’t expecting her to be talking to me. So like I said I didn’t know if this was all meant for me so I just kept walking. Around 2 minutes later she comes up to me and starts talking to me and she introduced me to her friend that she was shopping with she was also like 17 or 18,so we get to talking and I actually find out she goes to my high school… I’m a freshman and she’s a SENIOR, I’m 15 she’s 18.Before I left she wanted to take a picture with me and post it on her social media, I didn’t mind it so I let her… So then I left and got her Instagram then while I was walking away I was just thinking about nofap and I 100% believe in nofap female attraction.

If you got female attraction stories I would love to hear them

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Meh. Maybe that’s just she being nice to you LOL


What day are you in?


Doubt it, but that was months ago today I’m on day 6


What day are you on man


5 months ago I’m on day 11 but don’t see any significant attraction from women.
Now I’m on day 3 (with edging)


Thats why… If you edge say goodbye, your not going to get no benefits at all, your not rebooting and it’s tricking your mind

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Yeah. You are very true. Everytime I edge, I am close to relapse.

I have to find a real guy or girl to interact with otherwise I’ll keep relapsing.


Just 3 hours ago, I did it due to intense stress and internal chatters. I was not proud of it tbh, and it took most of my energy.

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It’s only 13 days before I finally go back to college, and I don’t have much time left. Yet I keep trapped because of my fragile spiritual foundation which is fundamental in my success. Help.

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The only way is to point middle finger towards the urge/circumstance and say, “F*** it mf, I’m gonna reach 90 days no matter what.”


Edging makes you feel guilty, you should reset your counter, BUT DON’T RELASPE you will feel so bad and angry, just reset your counter and save your semen

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And that’s why I avoid edging at all costs. Heck, I even deleted social medias like Facebook in order to avoid triggering contents.


That’s what I did, I am going to reach day 8 in a couple of hours, no social media helps me the most in 2 ways… 1) I feel more present every second of life since I’m not stuck on a phone… 2) Avoids massive amount of potential triggers!