Day 87 - have any queries? Ready to answer you πŸ˜‡

Hi people,
I am on Day 87…love to answer any queries you have in your mind. Feel free
My sharing code is - uhcs2f

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What is the benefits you’ve experienced and what are changes that helped you in your journey… For example (cold showers)

On what day in starting did you realy get comfortable in your own body ?

Hi Jae,
I have mostly experienced what many claim. Too big to list here… But the biggest being---- the super feeling of conquering oneself. It feels awesome. :innocent:
I just started a whatsapp group giving daily powerful tips. Are you interested?

Hi Resurrection,
Good question. After 30 days it was fine but I felt really comfortable after 50 days. Maybe thats because my previous best streak was 26. I think I was over anxious for first 30 days.
If you interested in daily tips, you can join the whatsapp group. :blush:


Save it for later.
Thanks great yogi.

Hi bro. Are you still going strong?

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Any changes in hair?


What benefits did you experience. Was there any? My longest was like only 2weeks so I would really like to know. Especially since some people say they feel nothing while others say they feel like Superman.

Hey yogifromsouth, what do you do when the urges are extremely bad