Day 7 of nofap (need advice)

Please give me some advice… it’s been my 7 days of nofap and i feel quite difficult to hold myself. I really want to do PMO, but if i stop nofap now i am sure i will regret it.

Can you tell me what motivation you have to hold your self and stay strong doing nofap?

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Motivation wont still forever, you need to be disciplined.

If you want to do pmo you need “burning desire”. Read secrets of success story by Socrates in internet. It’s very excellent story for great achievements. I think you know that story.

i think motivation is still needed… i almost relapse this morning, but then i read some stories in this forum, and i feel motivated again… maybe i will keep read inspiring stories and motivational video to stay strong doing all of this nofap things…

wow… socrates stories is really great. Now i know, that if i want to success in this nofap, i must have strong will. Not only talk but walk the path… thanks for the recommendation…

My motivation is my my number imagine if you relapsed after day 7 and then same guilt shame feelings, wont this haunt you if you relapsed right now?

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motivation ll not work if you ve a strong urge
just meditate and change yiur mind to basics of life
like think about your first days of pmo
then hiw it harmed you and regrets and how was yiur life and how its nkw

just to remind ,not to feel regret

and then thunk about futurr
like coming months when you ll be a strong man
you ll feel little happiness
you ll have strong erections ,stamina
you ll ve more energy

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