Day-6 and continues for sure!

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Current streak - 6 days *
Highest streak - 6 days *
Age - 21
Gender - M

Why I want a companion - *

Come on !! Anybody willing to just find the lost innocent you ,join me on the longest streak

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@anon78213915 Brother I also joined 10 days ago my highest streak ever of 9 years struggle …I want a challenged of 10 days with you

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@anon78213915 brother you don’t how much good app this is this a true saviour I also tried 9 years everything every solution but now I am lucky to have this app these companions you will feel shame to make them disappointed …these badges rewards will control to go back from zero that life was shit…those daily posts stories motivation and these little challenges with companion will make race of becoming better person from last what you are and other


I am with you but not as a competitor as friend/companion.
Actually I am not here to do any competition.
Let’s do this @anon78213915

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