Day 55 and cravings

As the subject States I’m on day 55, I’m craving porn, and not for the end result… But just to watch it for the sake of watching it. What was your experience and how did you deal with it ?


I have been there. It happens to people who are in day50-60. I call it the “pit zone”. I too fell on day 66 of my first streak. Started watching YouTube videos and then started watching porn.
Its hard time but it will surely pass. One of my friend also had the same feeling at day63, but he didn’t turn and kept moving. Now he is on day133 and happy that he didn’t do it.


Same with me bro. I’m on day 57. I just know this phase called pit zone from you guys. Thank. Let’s keep going


Yes; i had same feeling when i was on DAY 27th and i watched it… then i couldnt stoped jerking my cock & finaly ejaculated.

Now; i am biting the dust. Anxiety & brain fog all over me.

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Day 150, the same thing is happening to me, the mind is craving so much lust is coming, but I will not give up