Day 4 Nofap experience

Dear diary

This is my third soon to be fourth in a few hours. The urges this morning feel more intense than on the 1st day iam a little more aggetated now but i think its because of all the sexual tension inside me, i used to be more productive but now i feel that every time i work i think about pmo… I honestly don’t know what is jappening becuase i just needed a little more tension to give in but luckily we had to attend online mass so you could say saved by God. I have a feeling that the urges will get stronger and there is nothing more painful than seeing all my struggles in the dustbin when my timer goes to 0.

I need advice fast.

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Leave your house for some time! If you’re afraid to face that moment in private - run. The first step in self defense is running.
Maybe you could literally go for a run. Or take a looooooooong walk (during the walking you brain is “making” the hormone of the happiness - occitoxin). Just try not to be without occupation. Or even better - try to call someone, message someone. Just don’t give up!


Thank you i will do so

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