Day 32 nofap, with one sex relapse

Hello guys, hope you doing well.

Days Completed : 32

Benefits seen : i think that my sex relapse (it wasnt fap) has some negtif effects. I didn’t reset to zero after that. Now, I am in my 32th day with nofap, but including a sex relation with my gf (finished with orgasm) in my 25th day. It was not a good choice to do that, maybe later (in three months, who knows!) sex will be greater (with no side effects).

What can be improved: doing semen retention in my first 4 ~ 6 months.

What lead to the relapse: using blocker in my phone was a great idea, but it will be better with a site blocker on my laptop also. I think that blocker might be installed on all your digital equipment.

Without this sex relapse, i think i will be in a greater mood now in my 32th day, what do you think about it?

Wish the success for all of you,
Have a nice day guys.

Personally I dont think that doing the real thing is a relapse… But there are some that abstains the real thing… Its upto you I guess…


Real sex isn’t a relapse in my opinion but it’s upto you like if you are saying that maybe after 3 4 months you’ll be fine with it then try it… it depends on you if you are doing it for semen retention or just a healthy mind and body… like me I’m doing it for a healthy life so for me sex isn’t any kind of relapse… Although try not to PMO as an urge may come sometimes because of sex… you have to control that otherwise do it with your partner with full respect for her (not like porn obviously) then it’s obviously ok to have sex

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