Day 3 of nofap experience

Dear Diary

Thos os my third day of nofap, i feel… Full of life and energy i am waking up earlier and sleeping earlier i have also discovered that my dicipline has improved i no longer have ro fight that hard to discipline myself with my phone, yesterday i went to hangout with the fam, this is a suprise because i usually sit in my room and ply on my phone or watch pmo. I am more determined than usual to do better in school and have noticed some change in my body such as deeper voice, more defined muscles, and some athleticism. I feel young again considering that my back used to be painfull getting up from bending. I have also noticed that today i was touching myself regularly and i constantly had to monitor myself because it is like my hand have a mind of its own, here and there i have been looking at women a bit lustfully but i think its because my hormones are going crazy.

Please wish me luck and pray or me.

Stay strong and power through this.


Yup! Stay strong! There will be ups and downs as everywhere. I would recommend to make the plan WHAT will you do, when THAT day comes… Good luck! Fight good fight!