Day 3.. Is there any one to challenge me/support me


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Location - India

Why I want a companion -
Because i need to get rid of this addiction…
So please support me friends to get rid of this addiction…
Add me and i will add you…

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I challenge you bro, let’s see who lasts longer👊
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I challenge you sir!

I got 5 days on my belt right now

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Location - US

Let’s do this dude! We can help each other to the top!

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You have been Added Brother…

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Added successfully brother…

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I also added you bro👍


Sweet I’ll add you back!

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You can add me, I already add you.
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Let’s do this!:person_fencing:

You have been Added Brother…

It’s my first day here, I’m from Brazil and I’m learning english yet. But if I can help I’m right here bro.

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Mi estado de NoFap Edad 27 años

Dia 6

What is your sharing code…???

What is your sharing code

hola mi codigo es: 6pl19c

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Has sido agregado…

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cual es tu codigo? para que te pueda agregar amigo de donde eres?

Mi código para compartir es 4f2fca … Soy de la India

I have no idea, how can I found that code?