Day 3 :) feeling good. But urges are increasing

this lockdown has impacted relationships and desires of mine. I have a gf. She is pure soul. i wish to marry her someday. we both get desire of spending time together but we couldn’t. although this corona has left us no choice but to crave for each other’s touch. idk this desire sometime impacts our love life. u can say lust dominate love sometimes. idk . but lately i have been doing better. i need to gain conciousness. no fap challenge this month has motivated me to not let those desires manipulate me. I wanna control this habit. Few months ago i had been doing this every day for a month. im not that much addictive to fap for 2-3 times a day but still i think that was huge. lets see where it goes. writing this shit has lighten my mood. :slight_smile: wish me luckkkkk. Stay safe


My case is even worst thn you, long distance relationship :sweat:…btw strong urges will be there for 20-25 days. Just don’t react and never touch your tool.


Hey thanks for replying back. I have been trying to control all those urges lets hope for the best.

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Fuck the urges. Focus on goals. Go outside.


TBH : GF are a curse rather than a bane… objectively speaking from a progress point of view … If you are naive and weak …having a gf will probably lead you to fail a lot…However, if you are strong willed and determined…A gf will push you much further.

Its a very contradicting situation. For most people who are focused on a very important goal… Having a GF is a serious NO-NO… Its has been proven scientifically and also by the ancient scriptures.

I don’t mean any ill feelings…just my view