Day 2 of NoFap (Need Some Tips and Advice )

Day 1 has ended successfully on Rewire Companion Community. Actually its Day 8 for me as i found Rewire Companion App and joined community and got to know many strong person who are trying hard to change their life for Good.

I don’t get any strong urge as i am not a addict who fap always. I am the person who occasionally watch porn on Weekend or sometimes 2-3 times a week and fap to porn.
But when i am busy or not at home i am able to handle myself atleast 15-20 days continuously.

My Major problem is once i get touch to porn because of that i fap then i do same thing continuously for 3-4 days or i say oftenly.

Now i decided to keep myself on a Streak like old days when i reduced my habit of fapping and porn to great extent and also was able to handle myself for upto 3-4 months.

I am now tired of this habit as i am experiencing low motivation in my work , less confidence and low self-esteem and Brain Fog.

Guys Please gives any tips or advice for me on low motivation and Brain Fog.

If you control yourself for 10 days. Brain fog, low motivation or all other stuff will go away. More and more positive things will start to happen. Be persistent on nofab lifestyle