DAY 19 :Feeling lathargic ,fatigued ,sad ,zero motivation

how to get back
what should i do


I think you brain is missing that adrenaline and dopamine of porn. Try some push ups and sit ups, a little bit of shadow boxing, it will makes you feel better.


What is this adrenaline?

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You should NOT do. What you should not do? PMOing. If you doubt about abstinece and think it is bad, you’ll relapse. Abstinence comes with withdrawal symptoms, but is normal, do not doubt. Your energy will come back.

About motivation: Motivation is important, but it wont be there forever (just like now). The way you win is by increasing your determination by reading reboot articles, succes stories and diaries.

To succesfully reboot you need to have a big consciousness + high guard every time.

Read this article, it has everything you need to recover.


It is both an hormone and neurotransmitter, wich prepares the body to fight or run away. Some activities may induce you to produce this hormone, like boxing or parasailing. If you produce it while PMOing you are probably suffering from PE. But it can be healed.


Go workout. Like someone already suggested. The work out will release a hormone that helps stay *emotionally healthy and physically.

Zero motivation is normal. You are used to living with a high level of dopamine. Sudden decrease causes depression. It will go away.

Find an achievable goal and work towards it. Good luck.