Day 18 but I think I'm gonna restart my counter no EXCUSES

I’m a beggininer on No Fap and reached day 18 but on two occasions I watched porn once by an accident I let that one go and the second on purpose no excuse for me I feel like I’m lying to myself saying I’m on this streak when I’m actually not and no I didn’t masturbate but apparently that don’t count if I gotta beat this addiction I gotta stop lying to myself starting on Day 1 tomorrow again at work.


You took a sip of alcohol but you didn’t get drunk… Don’t let that ruin your progress just keep going


You actually did really good, most people who accidently view porn just give in and say they already relapsed so they may as well PMO. Resisting that urge was a huge step forward, so whether you decide to or not reset counter I wish you luck. Honesty to yourself like this is how we’ll beat this addiction, it’s when we start to listen to the excuses in our head the we fall.

Dont reset. You did not fap thats all. The increasing number on the counter will also motivate you. Reset it only and only when you fap.

You’re being very tough on yourself, yet you have done so well. Wanting to do every little thing perfectly is going to wear you down and defeat you. Focus on your progress, not your distractions and carry on.

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If you give up you will start it all over again and when you start you wished you were hear. So do you really want to give it all .

Thanks for the feedback guys I choice to restart it because I’ve mentally got a tough head anyways I’m back to Day 1 today it’s just that second voice in my head telling me “It’s not a true run” and I’m going with that decision last night I physically relapsed on purpose anyways and then I set my counter to 8:15am for work I woke up feeling like shit as expected I know I probably did “a mistake” but I feel it’s for my better good to start an actual clean slate and not lie to myself but thanks for the opinions guys.


Whats your code are me 01e5aa