Day 16 my experience

Wow I came this far and still in NoFab. Keeping it rolling. Despite all the temptations. Im a little confused by all the rules of NoFab. Not entirely but with some scenarios that happen while in noFab. Today well, didn’t Fab.but i did accidentally watch a sexy woman talking while I was watching videos of NoFab. That woman speaking was talking about Sperm retention etc… At first I was numb to the sexual tension while watching. Then I got turned on. I watched 2 videos and then I said to myself. Okay I have to stop watching her vids. Its sexually explicit by the way she talked lol. And her yoga pants. But I stopped myself from watching more. Thank God I did. And didn’t masturbate either. Although I got a little wet down there. Not sure if anyone can relate. Its like these days I did NoFab, like it just comes out without even masturbating in this case the way the woman talked. Is this a relapse or not? Haha or am i exaggerating ? Either way I didn’t masturbate and will keep on NoFab. :muscle:


I had the same experience but with different video.

Its PreCum. I also got that after watching those erotic videos.
it is cheating and takes away all our benefits and progress.
It is mini relapse and a Time Bomb.
Sooner or Later leads to Orgasm.

Bro. I am on day 24. I also edged at day 22. It takes away all my progress and benefits.
The Guilt and Fear returns Confidence Gone
It takes Discipiline to not watch erotic videos and to avoid sexual day dreaming.
Train yourself ahead.
Dont fall.
We have to do a Clean Reboot.


I know. Although I still have my powerful will power. Indeed your right it does take away confidence. The heck is pre-cum ?lol. Good thing is I didn’t watch porn and it was just a YouTube vid but still I should avoid anything sexual that can trigger something. I heard of edging, is this considered relapse though. Should I reset my day streak? Not sure what to do. Im new to this.

I’m day 18 now. :muscle: currently.

Dont Reset but write it somewhere to take it as a reference. Your reboot will take 18 more days now.
The real thing is bro. When we do edging we lost our main motto that is No Porn

Porn is anything sexual which is on smartphones and Tv ( pixels) on magazines, newspaper, audios. Day dreaming of sex.
All are porn bro.

If you want to enjoy the opposite sex, enjoy it in nature. In real life.
Dont enjoy in front of an idiot box. Its fake.

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That is true man. Yes I will do that. I wont give up man and can’t man. I came this far not to bro.! Thanks for the info man. I will try avoiding anything sexual. Even if Gf pics also, normal pic only.

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Bro can I add you? What is your code? Thanks bro.

Ya sure, my code is 1861da
Message me when you are in any trouble.

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