Day 16 (I'm a lot more alert and I now can stand up more for myself)

Today I had a successful performance at my local theatre, throughout the performance I literally did everything 100% right, during that duration I had a break and went down the road to KFC, I don’t know if anyone experienced this but you sometimes get rude employees or people coming at you especially ones that don’t give you the wrong order and try to take their negative mood out on you well today I met one.

Usually it would be a situation where some under the sun restaurant employee would give me the wrong order of food and I forget to check it thinking they gave me the right food, so after I ordered my KFC I double checked and told the guy “Where is my chips? can you please do the right order?” man thought I was a dickhead or something lol

He replied vulnerably embarrassed like “Oh sorry sir right on it” yeah you better!!! so yeah I felt great inside after that making someone do their job CORRECTLY now people are gonna look at him in spawn for him to get the right order Lol!

So yeah I noticed from Day 14 I’m standing up A LOT more for myself, this isn’t a new thing for me on No Fap but it’s always great to tell those benefits to you people who aint had the oppertunity to experience them yet.

Another similar situation was this middle aged guy in the internet cafe told me “I’m making noise” when you couldn’t hear anything from me let alone a sneeze with my headphones on, no music on full blast I responded “Oh I hear noise but it’s not from me, it kind of sounds like you, would YOU mind keeping it down?!” he responded to me by apologising “Saying sorry please don’t beat me up and walked out of the internet cafe”

You got really stupid people nowadays who try and do dumb shit to people and think they can get away with it, guys don’t make that be you, I used to sometimes allow this year and last a few other have gotten away with it…but not now though not ever! as long as I’m on No Fap and I continue the more my brain receptors are alert, alpha male testosterone raises I will not allow petty shit and let it stop me or ruin my day.

Yeah so don’t allow idiots to think they can get away with saying dumb shit to you because sometimes you only get those idiots once in a lifetime or do it to you once but twice? they have to think about it now they see a change in you!

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