Day 16 almost relapsed

I’m on day 16 and have been feeling great. But I was texting with a girl I know and things got heated. We started sexting and I felt myself getting aroused very quickly, I didn’t really have an erection but I felt precum leak and got my pants a bit wet. I managed to stop sexting with her and calm myself down. I didn’t touch myself at all except to wipe up. My questions are is this considered a relapse and has anyone else had precum leak just from sexting? Thanks

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First off, good job overcoming the desire.
Now i dont think you relapsed because they was no form of masturbation taking place. If you’d had engaged yourself perhaps in porn i guarantee you, it could have been a whole new story. I advice you to stay away from sexting because it can trigger your urges. I also think the precum was not from the sexting, but from the sexual thought u had.

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Thank you for the advise.

No it’s not a relapse and yes precum can come from just sexting.

Sexting is worst, you’re downgrading your self esteem without even knowing.

It depends ! Where do you come from ? And why did you make the decision to embark on this NO PMO adventure?