Day 15, my thoughts

Will be completing 15 days in 10 hours. the idea of relapsing makes me go into depression. if I relapse now, I would have to again then fight for15 days to come to this point. and if relapse now, I would go into binge mode because I would think that I should enjoy as much as I can before starting a new streak.
hence, relapsing is not an option otherwise I would be in a deadlock.

code : 23e8c4


I lost to myself. I did M

Im here with you bro. Add me, im on day 0 72358d Don’t be yourself up, its now in the past. Look forward to not masturbating in the future which is tomorrow

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Hey, did you only M, MO or PMO?
Because if it really was only M, it is a huuuuge improvement and win over porn!

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I lost again. I need to do yoga

Why do you attribute your success to yoga? I do it most days as well, how do you feel it helps you?