Day 14 and 15 Going out for walks are the best thing

I had another mad urge yesterday, worse thing was I was home alone when I just came back from work early so I was at home 2pm, I decided I’m going to take a long walk regardless if it was cold like hell because I don’t know if you hear the rumour about how savage London has been in regards to weather this past month, anyways took about a 35 minute walk and I meet a friend of mine I haven’t properly seen in about 4 years or so.

So yeah just advice guys if you feel crazy urges AT HOME a long walk really kills it off NO MATTER how the weather is, for me the cold made me more immune since I take hard-core cold showers in the morning now, currently Day 15 going about again for a walk.

Right now in the next hour I’m going to see a show at my local theatre, socialize go home, record some music, then take a walk again and repeat.

I’m gonna also change it up by going gym soon, falling is for losers no more jacking off to soft core porn, still healing in this reboot cause those images are still trying to consume my mind but I ain’t allowing it to takeover cause I have that will power to rise! taking walks and do energetic activities constantly is way forward to success and being your best version of yourself!


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