DAY 135 and PIED

GUYS HEAR ME OUT. NOFAP WORKS. For the past few months I struggled with severe PIED and today I finally achieved sex twice in one hour without any problem. Keep going kings you got this. LEAVE PMO BEHIND :pray::muscle:


Yeah it Restores and rewires the brain mechanism.



Hey, congrats man. Can you tell about at what period of time you started feeling the rewiring and how to measure progress

Unlucky for me it wasn’t very clear. My libido was dead and it started to slowly come back only a few days ago. Some signs that gave me hope were the more frequent boners during the day and higher attraction and stimulation from girls in the real world the last few weeks. It may be difficult to see and feel rewired and for sure you may need way more than 90 days. Only sure thing is that nofap and the absence from porn really works for healing your brain. Like myself though, I advise you to see NO-PMO as a lifelong goal and not like a few week or month challenge. Good luck my friend, you got this.