Day 13 need help please

So it was a dream
In my dream I opened prn and started watching hot pics but i stopped watching porn few months ago.
So the point is when I started watching p
rn pics in dream they were having very weired body parts I think this is because I had not watched p*rn for a long time
I m still thinking how tricky my brain is🤣

My question is u watched p*rn pics in my dream and relapsed then I was full of guilt what I did
Then I woke up and saw it was a nightfall​:joy::joy:
Should I consider this as a relapse
Because I watched porn in my dream​:joy::rofl:

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It was a nightfall should not be considered as relapse.


Thats funny, i had a similar “relapse” experience! Thanks for sharing and welcome! :tada:

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