DAY 102 Overcoming ED

I’ am a healthy 20yo who suffered from ED.I’ am pretty sure that it is caused by PMO because I had my hormones checked and my doctor said that they’re in normal levels. Currently I don’t have a gf so it is difficult to understand if my my problem is solved or even getting better at all. Anyone here who sufferd from ED and nofap helped him overcame this problem? and if yes, how long did it take? I would really like to hear your story so feel free to message me.

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Do you get morning wood?
If yes then you’ve got nothing to worry about.
Even if not it does start anytime after 100 days.


There was no ED but I suffered from weaker Erection due to years of excessive PMO and I took that as PIED.

Hard mode of nofap for few months restored my EQ, almost completely.


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