Day 1 plans for success

So I relapsed today and I have many plans.
First off, I’ve been having a habit of half assing my plans for too long. I earned only B’s last semester because I was lazy. I have been working out 2-3 times a week instead of the 6 I planned. I have been taking two week breaks from pmo and relapse. And a little video game addiction.

So here’s my plan:

Limit video games to 2 hour per day and lower it to 1 hour a day in July.

I downloaded appblock and purity browser so it isn’t easy.

Plan my days out and don’t spend a long time isolated and try to see friends and socialize even if I can’t see friends.

Workout everyday except Sunday.

Make my mornings productive and reduce the grogginess by taking a short walk each morning.

I will report next on day 30.