Day 1 and hope you will help. I want to reach a week

Yesterday I cried about PMO and a few responses came through. I want to thank all who responded. You made me feel better

Now I need to try what others are doing. Documentation of my days with hope some advice could work for me.

It is time for me to succeed. My hardest days are Wednesdays Sundays, Mondays and Fridays.

This week I failed Sunday and Monday. Did good today but need encouragement for tomorrow and Friday

Who will help me? Who will reply? Who will succeed with me and beat this sin?

Also, I am extremely jealous of those who post about 5 days of success or more because I can’t reach 4 days.


Careful… the comparison trap is a dangerous one. I know how you feel; I used to be there too, never able to make it more than a few days. Now I have improved a lot- for me. That’s something I love about this app, you can measure yourself and record progress. When you see other people posting about long streaks, try to see it as a beacon of hope, that recovery is possible.

I will reply and help/motivate when I can, but I’m not consistent enough to be an accountability partner.

You already succeed at the most important, and often hardest, step: starting. You can do this! :+1:


Follow me on here and watch my future posts. Let’s see what happens the rest of this week

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There is nothing that means you can’t pass 4 days, brother. You can break past that mental barrier. Remove the word ‘can’t’ from your vocabulary.

We have to understand fully that pornography and masturbation will not help us meet our needs. They will always leave us lacking. There is no joy or comfort to be found there.


Painlessly quit pornography immediately, without willpower or any sense of deprivation or sacrifice.

This book is the best advice on how to overcome PMO addiction. It’s a short entertaining read too.
Once PMO is out of the way you’re in the best position to focus on improving your life.

You will understand clearly that looking at pornography isn’t beneficial to you. That you gain nothing by doing it. You won’t want to do it anymore.


Dear brother, nobody can ever help you win the battle with yourself, at the least, we can only guide you… also you’ll virtually find us along with you during the dark hours of NoFap. We literally know nothing about you but one thing is for sure that you are a really good person, if not you wouldn’t be here, rather you’d be in www.YOU-KNOW-WHAT.onion and jerking off :banana::banana::banana:… So, you’ll be f8ing now, beware ! this’ll be the hardest one…

jealousy shall destroy you, nah, never be jealous…
The expert in everything, was once a beginner once
You are doing NoFap because it’s the urge of your atman (soul), not to beat anybody’s streak…
one day shall come when all your struggles will make sense and that day you’ll feel the change within you…
lastly, i pray to the almighty, that you be successfull in sex sublimation and find your better-half soon…
Good Luck !!!

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