Day 1, a new beginning

Hi everyone, I start forgiving for my english since I’m italian and can’t master it perfectly. It’s my first day here and I’m still trying to understand the mechanism, but, for what I’ve seen, it seems to be a collaborative and emphatic community to share personal experiences, so I start.

I’m a 19 y.o. italian guy who started masturbating really precociously. I can’t even remember what originally moved me towards this habit, but what it’s sure is that I’ve regurarly protacted it till now, with peaks of 3 times a day. I have sometimes tryed to reduce the frequency, but never with real motivation, since I did (or better had the impression to) not feel the necessity.
What has brought me here is the fact that I recently broke up with my girlfriend after 4 beautiful years of relashionship. This event has kind of harshly woken me up from a magical dream and brought me back to the miserable reality… Basically we met and started our story at the high school we both frequented, becoming over the years the perfect couple (high school musical style) that everyone admired and envied. We were always there for each other, firstly as bestfriends and confidants and then as lovers, we habitually had discussions, but which always ended up with a hug and a ‘I love you’, attesting the endless sentiment that linked us. Unfortunately some problems came out when she left to go to study abroad and, after 6 months of distance, the difficulties from both sides to keep that peaceful and constructive relashionship grew too much, till we decided to break up to save at least a sort of friendship (since we are also in the same group of friends)… Nevertheless I still am convinced we are twin souls made to be together, but this is not the point.

So here we are again to the present to explain the connection between this story and masturbation: looking back, I can now clearly see that the one I thought to be just a common habit to fight stress, was in reality slowly sucking life out of me, contributing to make me more insecure and lunatic. At that time I couldn’t figure it out because of my wonderwall, my safe place, but now all this shit came out… However I am here to try to raise again, to work on myself stopping masturbating, to become a better person and, who knows, maybe one day to be back with her…
I admit that sharing my experience actually helped me, but I also hope the positive message I want to pass could eventually be useful for someone.
Thank you for the attention and good evening.


Brother, I understand your feelings. The same thing have happened to me too. Only the exception was I didn’t had a girlfriend. I was insecure, afraid to ask a girl out. This habit has taken away a lot of things I wanted in my life. Iam also 19 years old. You can do this brother. We only have one choice. We can either choose life or porn. Life is so much beautiful without porn and is too short to make the same mistakes again and again. Stay together. Stay strong brother.


Let’s do it bro, let’s choose life!

We are together on this. We’re going to overcome and be victorious add me pl35yu

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Done, here mine dxlk8h

Thank you for sharing your experience, I’ve just followed you. I’m sure you’ll have incredible benefits from 90 nofap days, so let’s start the change! Here is my code: dxlk8h

Good story brother.Iam glad that you have heard about the nofap community. I must say that nofap has a special power which is female attraction.Now you ask me why.The answer If we conquer our purpose of life or the aim.A women who understands you and loves you will attract to you and you dont want to search her.She will come to you and thats the theory. KILL THE FAKE PORN AND MAKE OUR LIFE FULL OF HAPPINES WITHOUT FAP. Have a nice day brother


Thank you very much for the attention and motivation!:muscle:

I really need it that, thanks brother!


Anytime time brother. full on motivation and also on my recovery

Hopefully every one will be cured from this hell

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