Day 0 just found this app hope it helps

Hi guys I’ve been doing nofap for around 5 months on my own, but just relapsed today, and finally found this app, hope this app can help me more to talk and discuss stuff, find motivation and help eachother out let’s connect and support eachother here thank you

Sharing id: p8b76e


It will help everybody here will help man and here we don’t give on each other we are team. So until ur free were are always going to help. U came to the right place .


Yes brother. This app surely helps. Without this, the longest I’ve gone without is a day, i wasn’t much serious about it, and didn’t know the seriousness of what i was doing, i wasn’t even sure if i wanted to quit. Now i have a streak of 7 days and am determined to quit for life.

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Hi @piyacaro welcome to the platform, join me in the fight against pmo.
My details
Highest streak - 1 month
Current streak - 15 days
Sharing code - mymcsp

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