Day 0 accountability

  • this is strictly for people who are on day zero *

Comment your account name, code, nationality and we’ll all add each other as companions and make us each accountable. Lets do this brothers!
My.code 788e02

ReloadingSacks 2259e7 :poland: day 0

Added, please add me too man

Hi i want to join too…lets start from today…

7fa1f8 my code add me

Send your code nikhil

Added u man…add me too

Send ur code dragonman

788e02 add mee and lets beat this

Added u bro lets start this.

I have added you both guys! Lets make the streak rolling!

Hey my Code is 2b34da add me, together er can Beat the Urges im in Das 0 again so Lets build ab streak

Everyone here…its just a offer to you all…you all might join our day 0 nofappers elimination chamber…we r fighting hard…nd entries are still on

Hey man add me 788e02, I’ve already added you, let’s beat this together

Please add me toobi hope today everyone is on day 1


Added. Add me
Code 6a1e38

Sorry i relapsed …
I am starting 7 days challenge from today

7fa1f8 my code add me

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