Darn it, it feels like my hand has a mind of it's own

I’ve had way too many close calls today. I can’t do this alone. I barely delivered myself from a relapse. I can’t lose, I’ve almost completed a whole month again. The will is strong, but the body is weak.

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Just keep trying. Every time you succeed its a win. You can do it.

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You can do this. It is easy as f#@k!
You’ve just got to say “f#@k this shiz” every time.
There’s no need to fight it, or get involved in some mentally created dichotomy, even if others think otherwise.

There isn’t actually anything to do, accept live your life.

People give reason why they pmo - life, stress, circumstance, habit etcetera
I completely agree, but it really is time people started separating the two, because we don’t need to use our minds about this, but simply act upon a decision.

The useful thoughts come over time when you really need them.

Every day you’ve won is a celebration.
There’s always thanks to be given at the end of the day :arrow_up::pray:
“I didn’t pmo” :fist: bosh
(saving my thanks giving prayer at the end of the day, when it is all done and I can rest with a smile)

Integrity is built over time, day by day.
If we always fall, we’ll always have that annoying conflict looming over that area of our life until we resolve it. So, I’m done with worrying about ‘it’ because I want to stand above it, and deal with other areas of life without that crap that always holds me back.

Once you get passed your highest streak, you can really think about your streak and fist punch the air when every day is a new streak, or you could start doing that now. I do it everyday and night :joy:
I [email protected]#kin Rock :muscle: #EverydayIsANewStreak now! and the world chatters away, looking for a way to trip me up Let it chatter.

Keep building strong foundations,
And creating a good healthy garden that all those you encounter can enjoy.

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Beating porn addiction isn’t about never having porn thoughts again. It’s about having them regularly, but each time recognising them for what they are, and deciding not to act on them. Learning to catch yourself over and over and over again, maybe hundreds of times in a day takes time, but it is the only way to do it.

If the urges are worse than usual, take a few minutes to consider if there could be another cause. Are you stressed? Or tired? Or worried? If so, take some time to acknowledge and accept those underlying causes. Focus on them and observe them until the pass naturally. You’ll find that they take the porn urges with them when they leave.

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