Damn urges and anger issues

I m getting urges like insane
Pls help
And I m also getting anger issues like hell burning inside me
Pls help🙂


Stay strong .It will over

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Call your mom or dad or a friend and just talk to them for 10 minutes


Do you workout? Do you play any sport? Do you have a punching bag? Do you have a baseball bat and a bunch of scraps? Just do something physical till you start steaming like a Titan! It works for both anger and urges!


Would be connected to the things you watch on screen or the outside. Try not to browse stuff that pops up women on inappropriate clothing or an unrealistic standard, i.e., Facebook Instagram, Youtube, any other social media use this
Wizmage Image Hider - ‏سوق Chrome الإلكتروني on PC and reduce screen altogether.
When outside try to keep your gaze down when you feel like there’s a pretty women. At last avoid Raw Onions. I’ve been in the same situation as you’re in an Year ago. After I’ve practiced what I’ve stated above I have normal and fine.

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Brother just run away from triggers. Those urges are only alive in trigger zones.
For anger, just take a deep breath and realize that this anger and irritability is your brain rewiring and has no real cause. Little things also make me irritable and angry but it’s part of healing process.

1.Get out of trigger zone
2.Take deep breaths and calm yourself down by self Talk on your Brain rewiring situation.

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Meditate :person_in_lotus_position: daily make it a habbit, it solve your Anger problem and helps with better controle over urges my brother stay strong :muscle:

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