[Damane] A new man's diary

“A New Man’s Diary”
day 14:

Well, this is my first thread on this website. I’ve been giving it some thought to whether I should make this or not, but I finally decided to do it because lately the urges have been quite troubling me. I am a 8 years addict and this is my first time trying to not fap, with a current streak of 14 days (9 since I got the app). I’ll make sure to share my daily thoughts and maybe make some friends here, so feel free to follow me if you want!


Keep Going brother !
Well done ! Don’t let urges kill you,
Congratulations for highest streak.
Never give up.
Stay strong bro !


Great brother…keep going

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I’m 14 years addict, hope we can exchanges stories and progress through the App, much love.


Day 15
11:28 pm
NoFap Status: Clean☘️

Today I’ve been busy all day so I’ve managed to leave the urges at Bay. Also I’ve started to workout, have done it before but now I do it in order to make it through this journey. The last few times I tried to make an exercise routine my main reason to do so was just to look buffed and getting laid or dumb shit like that, now that I’m doing it for a truly important reason makes me think I’ll take it far more seriously, or at least I hope. If you know any beneficial or efficient routine please let me know!

i do youtube workout iron wolf, check it out its really good

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Thanks! I’ll be sure to check it out

“Bad Day”
Day 16
11:53 pm
NoFap Status: Clean☘️

This day has been pretty rough. A friend of my family died in a car crash, and even though I wasn’t that close to him, it still was depressing. I noticed that the urges increased today, but somehow I managed to keep going with some reading and exercise. Am hoping that the next days go better than this one!

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Day 17
11:01 pm
NoFap Status: Clean☘️

I’ve been down lately, dunno exactly why but it’s kinda annoying. That aside, I bought a new videogame today! that’s been keeping me busy today, I also got to do my daily exercise routine and even learnt to cook a new recipe! I can’t say today was that bad at all, after all, another day without fapping is a good one.


“Hanging Out”
Day 18
11:55 pm
NoFap Status: Clean☘️

Today I got to hang out with a close friend, that let off steam for me. It funny to think how much your friends are helping you without them noticing it. I made my daily exercise routine and played the game I mentioned before.


Day 19
10:22 pm
NoFap Status: Clean☘️

Today’s gone as usual. I did my daily workout, practiced drawing and cocking, got to play videogames and talked with my family. I thought it’d harder to get to day 19, after all I’m doing this in hardmode, obviously there’s been days that my urges wanna get the best of me but I don’t let 'em. I’ve seen some changes on my behavior, I’m more assertive and have a lotta more energy when it comes to exercise, yet I’ve not perceived any major changes. I’ll still get going!


Day 20
12:15 pm
NoFap Status: Clean☘️

Today’s been kinda great day! I went to my grandparents house and decorated the Christmas tree along with my aunt, so no urges whatsoever. I did my daily exercises routine. Lately I’ve seen some changes, I see myself more assertive than usual, and with more energy, I hope I can use some of that when I start the College again next year!


“A Rough Day”
Day 21
10:00 pm
NoFap Status: Clean☘️

Today’s been rough af.My parents had to do some things at the city with my sister so I was all alone in my house, what’s worse the urge’s been specially high today, it was a hard day indeed! But somehow I managed to stay strong, thanks God I made my daily exercise routine and reading, hope tomorrow to be easier

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Nice to see you don’t let the tough moments derail you. Stay focused and no matter how shit, know anything is better than porn.

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Thanks man! I really appreciate it

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Day 22
10:51 pm
NoFap Status: clean☘️

Today’s been kinda like yesterday. The urges do nothing but rise, and I even was about to edge, but got a hold of myself. It’s funny how controlled I am now, because even if my mind tells me to do it, just some time of meditation is enough, on another note, I’ve noticed some great advances on my physical condition, I have a lot more lung capacity than before and I got a little more strength, wanna see if soon I can get some dumbbells so I can start weight lifting a bit!

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Keep it up my bro! Exercise is always helpful.

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That’s right, I feel better since I started with the exercise, it truly is helpful

Day 23
11:20 pm
NoFap Status: clean☘️

This day’s been kinda depressing, i felt demotivated almost all day for no seemly reason, I’ve made up the theory that it’s cause is the thirst of dopamine that my brain’s experiencing, since it’s used to get constant amounts of it. Still I’ve managed to do my daily exercise routine and such, I won’t let a comedown get me that easy!

Journey Details

I wanna add some details about how my journey works, as a self-reminder and also if someone wanna look. The :x:’s are the things I consider a relapse, while the :white_check_mark: 's are the things I’m trying to avoid but don’t consider a relapse
:x: Intercourse
:x: Masturbation
:x: Edge on porn
:x: Watching porn
:white_check_mark: NightFalls
:white_check_mark: Fantasizing
:white_check_mark: Involuntary edging (as when some suggestive content pops up on my chats or while I’m searching up something in the internet)

Day 24
10:57 pm
NoFap Status: clean☘️

Today’s been one fo my more productive days on my journey! I got to make a lot of improvement in my exercises, got to practice drawing and made some reading, also helped with some things here! I got some urges today but nothing to worry about. As for Christmas my family’s not used to celebrate it, so today’s been like any other day, not that I’m depressed about it, I’m already used to it.
Merry Christmas to everyone! :christmas_tree::gift::dizzy:

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