Damages done due to orgasm

I mean like I’ve ejecting it over the past couple of years, so will I ever get replenished ? Are the damages reversible


Yes. Absolutely reversible.

Do u know any specific food items I should eat ?

See it depends upon how long is your addiction? how many times you used to fapp? what are the side effects that has appeared in your body?
Your age? and your country?( for foods/ supplements available)

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If you are chronic fapper and over 30 in age then the damages done are never replenished. Only you can take measures to minimize them.

If you are below 20. You don’t need any medicines. Do some yoga and pranayama. Your body will heal.

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Seems odd to me. Why should that be?
I don’t know of any damage neither any supplements which are needed.
Sure plasticity of the brain is reduced at higher age but it never stops to be plastic

Brother, I suggest to read the easypeasy method.

It will explain it’s damages and how to easily break this habit without any sacrifice.

Search “easypeasy hack book” On search and you should find it

Good luck with your journey

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What damages you mean ???

What damages ??? ???

Yeah , what damages he talking about i don’t understand

Explain the damages first

Ejaculating too much has severe bad effects
Such as Fatigue all the time, Poor vision, memory loss, hair loss, indigestion, weaknesses etc. Because during every ejaculation vital nutrients are lost.


:smile: I always find it interesting that you can ask whatever you want like “is the damage reversible” or similar things and you will always get the template answers of “go 90days hardmode and it is gone”, or “do semen retention”, “if you are young it is reversible”. Don’t know if I missed one.


Well I don’t know obviously nutrients

Well I don’t know obviously nutrients there maybe and pretty much all my hair has been thinning.

To be honest, I’m not really sure if you can lose that many nutrients. Yes, maybe if you do it multiple times per day you can get some deficiency but I guess that our body would just reduce the sperm production if he didn’t have the vital nutrients.

Hair loss has a ton of reasons with the most prominent ones being stress and genetics. Stress obviously can go hand in hand with masturbation. (maybe you have the addiction because of stress and the cycle increases the addiction). Few other reasons for hair loss are (according to the current state of knowledge) linked to masturbation. I also wouldn’t really know why it should be the case.


I think way worse is the damage to your psyche. For example unlearning how to concentrate (right now, instead of focusing on my work, I’m typing this reply :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )
Not being connected to your body, not being able to handle emotions and so on


Its completely reversible, IMO, whatever may be your age. For a person over 30 yrs, it will be very difficult but certainly possible. A person may need to remain celibate for almost 3-4 years. He/She may have to go through hell.


Lmfao XD
Really true tho

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I think It is the only medicine to reverse damages(caused due to excessive masturbation)