Daily 'to do list'I want to do

Morning adkaar
Evening adkaar
10 min Reading Qur’an
5 fard prayers In masjid
No youtube, Instagram, fb
Sleep before 10:30pm(yesterday’s)
Phone away after 9pm(yesterday’s)
Wake up before 4:45am
Avoid unwanted talking to girls
Lowered my gaze

Daily study hour:
Today how much hour wasted:
Daily Whatsapp hour:

In sha Allah :handshake:🏿, i will update every night at 8:55pm.

Brothers, if u wish anymore to add in my lifestyle pls COMMENT :heart::slightly_smiling_face:


What’s this brother ?

I would suggest you to read holy books, it’s helping me a lot. One of the best tip for a person like me given by one of my friend. It helps you stay clean from your heart.
Also, Read Easy peasy hackbook by allen caar.
It will help u in long run.
Keep going brother next year we all will become clean and free.
Best of luck

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Thahajjud, it’s just a prayer, praying early morning before 5am usually… :blush:

Thanks brother for ur valuable advice… :heart::heart::heart:


Good list of things to do

One advice from me is that, even if you reduce some of the things from list(optional ibaadah), it doesn’t matter much but you need to be consistent at whatever you do and do it daily even if it is little

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Jazakallah khair, brother