Daily goals and nofap

What are some daily goals that I should add nofap in order to improve my lifestyle and my personal self?

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Reading & writing


What kind of exercises do you recommend? Is running a mile per day enough? And also, thank you for helping :slight_smile:

Indian pushup & indian squat
Pull ups
Running a mile is enough.

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Developing a good morning routine and sleep hygiene
morning example: No phone the first 30min, drinking a glass of water, eating breakfast, maybe meditation
sleep hygiene: no phone or computer the last 30min, going to bed at around the same time

Developing a healthy diet. e.g as few processed food products as possible (cooking on your own is cheaper, better and healthier)

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Nice! Thank you all! And also, what should be the maximum amount of time using the mobile phone?

I think it depends. For some time I tried to go for a total usage of 30min a day which is quite brutal.
What I currently try is to be at around 5hrs a week. but i’m subtracting whatsapp (texting with my girlfriend) and listening to music for example when I’m at home since I don’t see that as time waste on the smartphone.

(for tracking I’m using the app “quality time” which is really good)

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