Daily diary Adarsh[ 16 M]

Day 13
Today i
have huge urges(pretty huge) i was just taking cold showers till today but,
I think my body needs hot shower because of infection (skin)
Here are my daily check-ins
1)Read 5-6 hrs _✔️
2)workout 45 mins_❎
3)wake up at 5_❌
4) (only downloads)
YouTube disabled_❌
5) Instagram disabled✔️
6)cold shower✔️
It is what it is
From tomorrow i will wake6 up at 5 bcz today i created this in morning(after waking up)
Day 14
1)Read 5-6 hrs _(hardly 2-4):heavy_check_mark:
2)workout 45 mins_❌
3)wake up at 5_❌
4) (only downloads)
YouTube disabled_✔️
5) Instagram disabled✔️
6)cold shower✔️


Bro can I get your Sharing code?

Here is my sharing code

Day 15/90
1)Read 5-6 hrs _(hardly 2-4):x:
2)workout 45 mins_❌
3)wake up at 5_❌
4) (only downloads)
YouTube disabled_❌
5) Instagram disabled✔️
6)cold shower✔️

Day 16/90
1)Read 5-6 hrs _(hardly 2-4):x:
2)workout 45 mins_❌
3)wake up at 5_❌
4) (only downloads)
YouTube disabled_❌
5) Instagram disabled✔️
6)cold shower✔️

Rewiring my phone addiction
So from tomorrow I’ll use my phone only for studying i am going to disable all the unnecessary apps
7)away from phone

May 4 2021
Ive been in the hostel for past 4 months so i was not able to update about my nofap streak

Painful thing is that i broke my 161 days streak yesterday i am broken
i was thinking about my crush and suddenly i realised that she dont even know that i exist
So i dont had any options
F^^k her idgaf about her and mind my own life.
Today I’ll start my life

~DAY 1
● 4 MAY 2021 12.PM
i installed blocker X
_today _my lecturer died it is very painful
●i just want kick my own ass because after hearing that news also
*i cant control myself from watching porn
●upto that level pmo has destroyed me
I uninstall instagram
●Youtube disabled
●google disable
●i am preparing for iit exam but after doing this for 2 days i want to give up upon my dream


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May 6 2021
●Study for 5hrs
●workout 20 mins
●no sneaking
●reading books physics of impossible.
●studying calculus.

Nofap day 4
●4 hours study
●want to make a yt video
●30 minutes worjout
●nofap research
●forgetting someone


Day 1 after 5 days of complete pmo
May 16 2022
Study 5 hours a day
No instagram
No facebook
No stalking
Workout 30 minutes

Study time table

  1. mcqs of electrostatics :heavy_check_mark:
    2)Mcqs of solid state
    3)Problems on inverse trignometric functions✔️
    Cant leven last for a day
    Jerked off today

Long after I came back here day 1 till I get into college
Just wanted to tell that I failed in clearing my jee exam and now I’m addicted to this shit again
So today’s routine until I get into my college (yeah I found one even after failing )
Today 29/10/2022
Don’t have lot of plans because day Is already over(evening)
Tomorrow goals

Read linear algebra
Complex analysis

Today I just wanted to mention my love

Yeah she’s the one who made me to live
I just watch her old videos which were on YouTube and she’s in my college promotion scenes On yt I literally can’t talk to her anywhere insta,whatsapp, telegram she’s a good one why I’m telling about her idk
ok back to today
Studied but didn’t set the time so tomorrow I will set time
Linear algebra complete whatever I can
Sticking to linear algebra is there anyone who knows how to study linear algebra.im currently using ‘linear algebra done right’ so I m starting my life as a cs engineering student in few days I just wanted to learn quantum mechanics I tried to read a lot of quantum mechanics books which had a little bit of introduction to maths for quantum mechanics I think it’s better to build a strong mathematical background first so I think Im going to give up on my dream of learning and understanding quantum mechanics, physics of the world so I can understand the phenomenon around I like mathematical rigour in physics but as I was insecure about life choices I didn’t did well in jee also so i didn’t got a good college which I dreamt of but all I can get is a cs degree amount of knowledge I gained over span of 2 years I m going to learn some things that I hadn’t really thought or wanted to learn in cs so any way
About my crush nah dude I am never going to talk to her I send some message on her deactivated or dead instagram everyday just to feel better one day she activates it she’s not even going to realise that it’s me because It was my fake id hahaha pretty fucked…
All I can do is watch her with someone else and cry about it until someone enters my life or just wait until I loose every way I can contact her and she slowly dissappears from my fucking miserable one sided love story Im talking about shit rather than talking about my nofap journey I think I’m still not ready to update more at this stage day 1 so I start when I get control.

Hi brother
Its damn pain in an one sided relationship.
Find something to do so you can draw some attention away from this thing.
When you are busy, you will hv less time to be in depression. Hope you are fine.

I’m not depressed I just love the way I remember her every day it feels good

I was 16 when I first started this dairy now I’m 18,(in just 12 days)


Today’s check-ins
Read linear algebra✅
I’m currently studying linear maps pretty cool thing mapping the entries in a vector space to another i think when I finally read all the book I think that the whole world is just linear algebra.
Dude I think quantum computing is pretty cool

So today2/11/2022
I don’t have any plans I will be just dumb and complete the better call Saul season 6 because I just want to finish it before going to college I think it will take some 3 days mAx so till then I don’t think I will update about my streak (I will if I relapse)and yesterday was pretty bad I completed a very little linear algebra hence not as productive as I thought.

Relapsed today 3/11/2022
Lol I typed it when I feel the urge and I reseted streak
But I didn’t do it and took cold water and sprinkle over my face any body know how to set your starting day of streak on a custom date

5th day of nofap
And goals
Linear algebra whole day and complete 3a 3b, 3c today
Classical mechanics lectures
No instagram
Today’s update
*Completed linear algebra 3a and 3b is almost over some exercise are left
*Slept during afternoon hence will study at night hope I will complete 3b and start 3c
*Thought will continue classical mechanics lectures on YouTube but I didn’t get it then I understand why I stopped watching it I had a hard time getting through Lagrangian formalism I think I should skip some lectures and start new concept
*Read classical mechanics by p Arya understood pretty well I tried Goldstein but didn’t understood
Thought of. Continuing with introduction to classical mechanics

Tomorrow goals
Complete the remaining classical mechanics lectures

Relapsed today
On 6th day of nofap failed nnn so nnn Is just a funny competition but nofap for life is goal.
So why I relapsed is I was reading this book I mentioned in previous post linear algebra done right I was at section 3c I completed 3b but I didn’t understood the exercise I tried I watched yt but I can’t find the solution elsewhere hence I was stressed because I tried fucking hard to understand this but I fail everyday I think I should give up on my dream and I should start wasting my time watching some series it willl keep ke busy and away from fapping reading just stress me out.
New update
Relapsed again in the span of 5 -6 hrs
Reason I’m dead inside

I deleted this app after my last relapse after that I’ve been masturbating continuously for for 2 days
Day 1
Today’s goals
Read anything