Daily challenges and improvements

(I’m sorry for my english)
I’ve just got an idea. I’ve seen that many of you, including myself, are trying to substitute porn with another activity, but I think it is not very clear and objective just to think "let’s exercise"or “let’s read”. I think we need something more precise every day. Like “do 3 series of 15 push ups” or “read 5 pages of the bible or another thing you are reading now”. So that’s the objective of this thread. Me or someone else will reply to this thread with a list of challenges every day.
If no one reply with a challenge list until I wake up, I will reply it myself.
Here are some ideas of challenges that you can propose:
Do that number of series of that workout, or read that number of pages or chapters of that book, or sleep and wake up at that and that time, or try doing this kind of meditation during that period of time, or dont eat this ir that today etc.

I will post the first challenges tomorrow as I wake up.
Let’s fight the addiction together, bros.



3 series pf 15 push-ups
3 series of 20 sit-ups
3 series of 30 squats
1 minute of plank

Read 5 chapters of the bible or at least 15 pages of another book you are reading now

Take 15 minites for a breathing exercise, just sitting and counting every breath.
Wirite down on a paper every tough you have, good or bad. I you have an urge, write it down on a paper and reflect on how bad it is.

Replace PMO with those activities today.