Crazy dreams since I started no fap

Anyone having crazy dreams about sex since they started their journey on nofap?

It happens sometimes, it’s like the subconscious mind begging for that. Remember that we have two wolves inside, one evil and the other one is good. They want you to feed them and the one you feed the most will survive. The othe will starve to death.


Thanks for that man!


Yes! It’s so weird. I usually never have dreams (that I can remember at least) but ever since I started no fap I’ve been having dreams and some of them are sexual. It’s nice to know I’m not alone

Since i’ve started nofap, i don’t have sex dreams, but i have dreams! I never had one before!

I took a nap today after a night with little sleep, had to wake myself up because of the sexual thoughts like 4 times. I’m only on the fifth day without P, which is my issue (had one time I MO’d), and my mind is going crazy at night.

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