Craving for Junk Food and energy drinks Is high!

Day 13 today and I notice that for the past day or two my cravings for Junk Food and energy drinks have been ridiculously mad high in comparison to when I was off No Fap.

Not that eating junk effects my weight anyways cause I’m a person with very high metabolism, who’s a very tall and skinny person who’s active takes walks, goes out and talks to various people it’s not like I sit my ass at home daily, playing Call of Duty or watching Netflix, I go out and actually socialize with people, even when I am at home “doing nothing” I’m either writing a song, listening to music, playing piano or writing a No Fap blog like now and watching No Fap videos on youtube.

I’m looking to change the way I eat because even though it may not effect me on the outside in maybe 10 or 20 years it could effect me more on the inside and then show so I’m looking to change the way I eat, whenever I crave junk food it would usually be coloured gelatin sweets, chocolates lile Mars, Snickers, Bounty, Twix, crisps like MCcoys, Cheetos, Walkers, Monster Munch they taste good but it obviously isn’t good for me lol

I would also want energy drinks, I used to drink energy drinks as a “kickstart” and “boost” after I relapsed because it would give me extra energy and benefits “like No Fap” throughout the day but it would be very temporary energy and I still wake up pure tired in the mornings.

I’m currently craving more energy drinks than I would off of No Fap with high glucose in it like Lucozade original/orange, V, Red Bull e.t.c it gives me way too much energy than I already have but I mean I could be far worse in this predicament and be edging and I disappoint myself but I’m proud to say I haven’t it’s just the junk food addiction…and I’m on no predicament to do fasting at all or turn vegan or vegtarian so that’s out of the equation.

I’m just going to try and start eating good carb foods and more natural food with alkaline in them but yeah these energy drinks feel like steroids drinking them now whilst I’m on No Fap lol what do you guys think?

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