Crappy Christmas

I don’t know about anyone else but I find Christmas to be a particularly trying time of year when I feel the loneliness rather keenly (shall we say). I know marrieds and couples have other pressures but in terms of not fapping the end of December is going to provide a real test that I only hope I can pass.
I don’t know what drives others to porn but loneliness is a trigger for me especially around married couples e.g my newly married brother is really going to make it difficult. Yes I know I should feel happy for him etc etc etc. But sorry it’s not working those kind of comments from people actually exacerbate the problem. Luckily I know a few frustrated singles to hang out with one who doesn’t even celebrate christmas for religious reasons Happy Day…
Actually I know loads of singles so there is a perverse comfort in knowing I’m not alone in being alone.
Just got to get through the Christmas period because it’s emotionally trying. I’m willing to bet cold hard cash that I’m not the only single who relates to these comments with a resounding ‘Yes Siree’
Actually I think keeping busy and socialising at this time of year is critical for good mental health which should help massively with our shared problem…

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You are much stronger than you think, bro.
You can enjoy this christmas …
You can have a lovely women of your dreams,
You dont have to be lonely all the time.

Put an end to this mess,
Break your chains of slavery.


Follow this advice, my friend.