Couldn't think of a title, about a girl

Today I had an urge to spark a conversation with someone I known since I was a little kid as a way to try improve social skills, anyway when the moment came, I managed to say hello and she said hi back but it was kind of a shy hello, I was shy too, anyway the day before I was on a break at work she walked past, I watched to see what she was doing, when she briefly looked back at me we both made brief eye contact but for like 1 second we both smiled at each other, then I looked away, since then whenever I see her or she is nearby, I start to feel nervous and my whole body shakes a little, what does that mean if I feel nervous when she is around?


Try to talk to her and you will get comfortable, it will boost your confidence too :wink:


It means you’re probably infatuated with her.


What if insted of sexualising…you two become…

little more than friends

Remember If you are only sexualizing…than it is hormonal imbalance not love

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You have a huge crush on her… The shaking and nervousness is because you care how she’ll view you… You just want to be the best in front of her…


You’re right I do have a crush on her @adulrakha

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